Williams, John on 2017 October 5 at 09:15

Turning to inflation, I feel the agony of Sisyphus.

My own view is that r-star today is around 0.5 percent. Assuming inflation is running at our goal of 2 percent in the future, the typical, or normal short-term interest rate would be 2.5 percent. … Turning to inflation, I feel the agony of Sisyphus, as core inflation rolled back down the hill after being so near to our 2 percent goal earlier in the year. This low inflation, against a background of steady growth and strong employment, has been attracting a lot of attention from Fed commentators in recent months… [However,] as [temporary] effects wane and the strong economy pushes inflation higher for prices that tend to be sensitive to the economy, I am optimistic that inflation will move up to our 2 percent goal over the next couple of years. As inflation rises and the economic expansion continues, we will be able to move interest rates up to their new normal level. Williams, John

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