Overview: Fri, March 23

Daily Agenda

Time Indicator/Event Comment
08:10Bostic (FOMC voter)On the economic outlook
08:30Durable goodsMay reverse previous month's drop in February
10:00New home salesAlso likely to reverse some or all of January decline
10:30Kashkari (FOMC non-voter)Speaks at moderated Q&A
12:00Industrial production revisionsAnnual benchmark and seasonal factor revisions
19:00Rosengren (FOMC non-voter)At international research forum

US Economy

This Week's MMO

  • MMO for March 19, 2018

    There is little doubt that the Fed will raise rates this week, and our guess is that Wednesday’s dot-plot will suggest a somewhat more hawkish policy stance for 2019 and 2020 as well.  Separately, the spread between the IOER rate and the effective fed funds rate tightened a week sooner than we anticipated.  We continue to expect another one-basis-point tightening in June.

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